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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 38 : The retreat of the Xianmeng was blocked by the stone ghost, and the undead lady proposed to shoot her wind and fire into the mouth of the stone ghost. However, the stone fused lava ball was too powerful, and everyone was shaken. The extraordinary arrow did not hit, and the magma burned the eyes. At the crucial moment, Han Yu rushed to the stone ghost with the wind and fire. The stone ghost was killed and everyone was able to break through, but Han Yu was seriously injured. On the other hand, the practice of evil spirits with Zhang Ling and other breakouts, but also by the stone ghost attack. Even the evil spirits made the trick “Wan Jian returned to the ancestor”, and the stone ghosts decided to die, and finally smashed a bloody road. The Queen Mother Wolf was imprisoned by three elders for rebellion because of helping the Xianmeng. All the people of Xianmeng entered the ancient road of Hummer, but the export has been destroyed by Bai Yuji. At this time, the boss who was drunk in the world awakened the drunkard and asked him to help Xianmeng.