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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 37 : Bai Yuji found the flower general who lived in the sea of ​​flowers. After seeing the ring of the ghost, the generals of the flower had to obey the order of Bai Yuji to attack the head of the Wuyue Xianmeng. The people of Xianmeng opened the ancient road of Hummer and went to the ghosts and strangers, but the ancient road of Hummer was too old and collapsed after an hour. They are divided into several ways, and they can quickly decide. The ghosts and strangers soon discovered the change, and the three elders sent the demon soldiers to intercept. The cold feathers were taken away by the fire, and they could not stand the torture of the fire and the seal, revealing the secret of Xianmeng to find the holy armor. Although the undead lady saved the cold feathers, she was even more disappointed with him. At the same time, Bai Yuji took the Tonghua General to launch an attack on Xianmeng, to destroy the ancient road of Hummer, and the disciples of the Great Mirror Lingxian Xianmeng defended the exit of the ancient road. However, the enemy came to the forefront, and Xianmeng gradually lost under the attack of Bai Yuji and General Hua.