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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 36 : Han Yu told Hans that he just didn’t want to let the US Air Cloud disturb the cold business, and hoped that the cold business would concentrate on it. Juxiong saw the shadow of the shadows, and asked what happened to the shadows. The shadows asked Juxiong to promise that the three people in Tsing Yi’s door will always be the same as before, and Juxiong promised. Qian Qiu finally waited for Tianxin and expressed his conviction to Tianxin. In the Fox Cave, Feifei came to Zhang Ling to confide, and heard the second confession of Tielang, Feifei could not bear to hurt the Iron Lang once again. Zhang Ling also advised Feifei to accept the true feelings of Tielang. Feifei heard Zhang Ling’s persuasion and mistakenly thought that Zhang Ling had no intention of himself, and he was determined to accept Tielang. After Fei Fei left, Zhang Ling was drinking alone, and the glass was not very interesting. After being together with Feifei, the whole man was full of spirit and enthusiasm. When he practiced together with Zhang Ling, he accidentally touched Zhang Dashun’s “Dream of Hearts Lock” left to Zhang Ling and found the Feifei mother’s butterfly left. Last words.