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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 34 : The collapse of the mountain blocked the mountain road to Mingyue Cave. Tielang could not worship the master, and Zhang Ling and so on. The squadrons successively returned from Loulan to Wuyue Xianmeng. The East Emperor’s seeing Kunlun brought back the sacred gratitude, but Kunlun and Yunqi were in a complicated mood. On the other side, the cold palace returned to Xianmeng to inform the cold feathers in the Valley of the Dead. The undead lady was very disappointed with Han Yu and decided to hand over Han Yu to the East Emperor. I have found that Long Yinger has been deliberately avoiding him since coming back from Loulan, and he does not understand the thoughts of the shadows. Shadow makes it easy for her to give her time. Zhang Ling’s reputation for maintaining his parents was in dispute with the Emperor Taiyi in the main hall. Dong Huang Taiyi insisted that he saw Zhang Dashun killing Feifei’s mother Butterfly with her magic, and Zhang Ling did not know how to defend.