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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 33 : Jill’s appearance regained the Holy Grail, and the prince became angry and angered to kill the prime minister. At this time, Kunlun came to help, and a sword stabbed the prince. But after returning to God, he found that the death was actually Jill, and Kunlun did not know that it was the magic of Xiaoyu, and regretted that he had killed him by mistake. The three Zhang Ling fell into the underground palace and found the glass that was taken up by the generals of Sha, and quickly tied the glass. At this time, General Sha appeared again. After the three people broke up the sand, they found that Anker was wrapped in the sand. It turns out that the second original Dan of General Sha was trained by Anker’s body. Zhang Ling traced the generals of Sha into the interior of the star, and the seal of the cold green was untied. Zhang Ling finally met with his biological parents, but General Sha was revived by the second Yuan Dan, and his strength increased greatly. Zhang Ling’s parents were no longer his opponents. At the crucial moment, Anker committed suicide and destroyed the second Yuan Dan. General Sha was injured and eventually defeated.