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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 32 : Anker found traces of sand on the ground in his home and raised doubts about his adoptive father, Shaber. Xiaoyu used the fox fur of Bai Yuji to cast a illusion on Yunqi, which made Yunqi mistakenly think that the clothing store owner is the embodiment of General Sha. With the help of Xiao Mengmeng, Zhang Ling three people also found Sha Bobo, and the three shared their answers to other teams. Xiaoyu and Yunqi brought back different answers. Both of them came up with evidence. Kunlun finally decided to believe Yunqi, Xiaoyu was secretly happy. The cold palace pondered over and over again, and did not want his brother to make a mistake again. He decided to report the truth to Han Yu’s report and leave a letter to leave Loulan. Hanshang and Han Yu rushed to catch up and met Wang Wei at the gate of the city.