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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 29 : Xiaoyu sneaked into the conversation between Feifei and Kunlun, and learned about Kunlun’s thoughts on Feifei. Under the anger, he heard Bai Yiji’s words, and his heart ignited the desire to get Kunlun. Shadow went to the hospital to explore the disease, and advised that he could agree with Juxiong’s views and work together to win glory for the teacher. Although he agreed to face it, his heart was faintly dissatisfied. Gil said that the princes of the invited princesses had arrived in Loulan, and invited the month to question the purpose of the princes of the countries. They believed that the night rain was only set up to torture themselves and refused to meet everyone. I don’t want to give up the month, so let her settle down and arrange everything. In the face of the princes of various countries, the invitation to the moon promises that as long as they can lift their curse, the firebird and even the Loulan country can take it.