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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 28 : Wu Da Ge heard that the four people who hunted Zhang Ling were nine-tailed foxes, and they were afraid of being led by Zhang Ling and others. Zhang Ling privately talked with Wu Da Ge, saying that the four are the squadrons of the robbers and enemies. They are willing to sacrifice to save the world, and once again ask Wu to save, and expressed their willingness to use their own lives to change the life of Feifei. Wu Da Ge was impressed by Zhang Ling’s spirit, and he died with the dream demon and the magic demon, and finally saved Feifei. On the way to Loulan, the four people of Zhangling met the king of Yu Yu who went to participate in the ceremony. Zhang Ling thought of a trick, pretending to be a wizard to deceive the pro-post, and the four people pretended to be recruited into the Loulan City. The Kunlun trio also grabbed the pro-advertising. Xiaoyu tried to poison the guards in the fight, but was fortunately stopped by Yunqi. Yun Qi feels that Xiaoyu is not right.