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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 25 : The Tsing Yi Men’s three returned to Xianmeng, one by one, and the Tsing Yi Swordsman rebuked the apprentice for losing his fighting spirit because of a setback. Kunlun lost to Zhang Ling and was reprimanded by the Eastern Emperor Taiyi. Taiyi pointed out that Kunlun was too concerned about Feifei during the battle. The love for Feifei became the resistance of Kunlun to become a questioner. When Kunlun recalled playing against the nine-tailed fox, it was just for the purpose of blocking the attack for Feifei, only to be injured by the nine-tailed fox, and lost the chance to win the holy armor. Zhang Ling, Tielang and Feifei served under Wanmu Jindan, and their strength increased rapidly. Feifei entered the sacred world. Zhang Ling and Tielang intend to team up with Qianqiuzi, but they have already teamed up with Wang Wei and Meikongyun, so they have to go to Xiaoyu who is single. Feifei told Kunlun that his cultivation had reached the level of the Imperial Throne, but Kunlun was not happy, and told Feifei not to form a team with her.