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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 23 : Kunlun, Yunqi and others joined forces to make a trick, but they were both surprisingly hurt by their own tricks. The glazed enamel with the purple tears saw the original bloody sorcerer of the white scorpion. When the time was still, she moved the position of the squad and let them be injured by their own tricks. Everyone lost to Bai Yuji and could only escape from the break. Zhang Ling heard from the leisurely place that Tielang and Feifei had difficulty, and they rushed back to join the glass to rescue the two, but the rest of the squadron fled back to the ancient city with the help of Dajingling’s “Shendao Demon”. It was discovered that Yu Ji had laid a trap in the early morning, and everyone was trapped in the ancient city by the demon sound, and it was in crisis. On the other hand, Zhang Ling took Tielang and Feifei and others to escape to the dreamland. He leisurely sacrificed his life to live in peace and sacrificed himself. He became a thousand-year-old tree and bound Baijiji, and detonated his own Yuandan and injured Baijiji’s body. .