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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 21 : At the beginning of the assessment, Kunlun and Wang Weixiu were temporarily leading, but Hanshang and Juxiong could also break through to the gods, and the most surprising thing was that Tie Lang could even send two knives, and Zhang Ling actually smashed with the celestial Broken the “test sword stone.” After the assessment was completed, all the squadrons were all excited and excited. However, Taiyi was furious when Zhang Ling knew that “the sky was broken” and he had to punish Yunqi. Kunlun and Feifei expressed their feelings for Yunqi. Donghuang Taiyi had to tell Zhang Ling’s identity. Feifei learned that Zhang Ling was the son of Zhang Dashun, the mother of the enemy. Feifei went to think about Zhang Ling, and Zhang Ling admitted that he was the son of Zhang Dashun and firmly believed that his father was bright and upright, and the two fell out. The crowds were also cold to him because of Zhang Ling’s identity. Tielang persuaded Fifi, and learned that Zhang Ling had leaked the secret of his love of Fifi, and Zhang Ling and Tie Lang also turned against him.