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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 20 : Feifei wants everyone to promise not to laugh at Zhang Ling and Tie Lang. Everyone has promised, but when Zhang Ling and Tie Lang have another big-faced image, everyone can’t help it. However, Zhang Ling’s sexual open-mindedness did not care. Instead, he called Tie Lang and laughed with everyone. Zhang Ling found the glaze, and after taking the “nothing to come”, the glaze had side effects, and Zhang Ling was crying and laughing. Baili learned that Bai Yuji took the initiative to provoke the Xianmeng and competed for the Yuanshi Shengjia. Liuli used the efforts of the Queen Mother to give her the heart, and met the Queen Mother in the illusion. The Queen Mother told the glass, and the inner lion of the nine-tailed fox contained a broken void. If the nine-tailed fox died, it would be involved in the void. Can seal her.