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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 19 : Zhang Ling brought the Vientiane Spar Stone to look back at the happy pictures left by everyone at the end of the world. The night is deep, everyone is very worried and has no sleep. Da Jing Ling rushed to the head of the crowd in the middle of the night, telling the ghost pioneer, Bai Yuji, that is the nine-tailed fox that was confusing in the past, and knew that Wuyue Xianmeng was monitoring her. Bai Yuji said that if she could catch her, she would give the first Yuanshi Shengjia of Wuyue Xianmeng. Dong Huang Taiyi urgently summoned all the participants, and warned that the third level will start at any time. In order to improve the odds, all the players are divided into five groups and each of them is specially trained by five ally. Zhang Ling and Tie Lang were specially trained by practicing evil spirits. In the face of practicing the evil spirits, the two ceremonies of Zhang and Iron were both hanging.