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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 16 : Kunlun took everyone on the road, and yesterday’s exhaustion has been swept away. Zhang Ling rebuked the iron wolf for ignoring Feifei, and the iron wolf said that he just didn’t want to sink into the mud. On the way, Yunqi received the news, another team was attacked, trapped in the Valley of the Dead, many people died, the cold business, the cold palace were seriously injured. Although Zhang Ling, Tielang, and Kunlun knew that there were many difficulties, they decided to go to the Valley of the Dead to rescue them. Zhang Ling, who knows very little about the shadow general, secretly searched for purple glaze through a small bud, hoping to find out some generals’ information. Hanshang took a coma in the cold palace and entered a cave to rest. On the way to find the cold feathers, he encountered a dying beauty. Purple glaze learned from Zhang Xiaomeng that Zhang Ling had to deal with the shadow general, and he tried to escape from the dead market, but he was seen by the dragon pig.