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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 15 : The four lords went to the end of the world to drink and recall the past events about Zhang Dashun. Dong Huang Taiyi insisted that Zhang Dashun had used his magic to kill his wife, Butterfly, even though he did not even understand why Zhang Dashun suddenly betrayed the teacher. However, he felt that Taiyi would not lie. The demon robbers became the second level of the Dalai Dao. The public squadrons should avoid the pursuit of the shadow generals within a specified time, returning to the Wuyue Xianmeng to report. Under the opposition of Han Yu, the squadrons were divided into two teams. Led by Kunlun, a team led by Han. Qianqiu took out the magic weapon to “see the world and see the eye” to explore the road, the two teams decided to take the official road and the mountain road. Kunlun saw everyone experiencing the first battle and was exhausted. In particular, Feifei was frostbitten by the snow demon’s spells, and it was difficult to walk. He boldly let the followers rest in the hot spring hotel, so that everyone can rest, and the morale will be greatly enhanced. Demeanor.