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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 13 : Zhang Ling was fainted and saved by the glaze. Liu Li actually proposed to help Zhang Ling become a questioner, but Zhang Ling refused, but the glass still refused to give up. Zhang Ling used the materiality of the gram, and called the iron lord to enter the snow demon’s site, so that the water demon became ice, and then inserted the thunder, and during the period, the iron set’s half-set of the old armor appeared again mysterious. Power, in the end, Tie Lang finally found the dying Fifi, to protect Fei Feifei’s life, Tie Lang lost the already lack of internal gas to Feifei. Zhang Ling led the fog to the Yueshen Village, but the fog and the demon were so savage that Zhang Ling intended to use the snow maze to freeze her, no longer followed Zhang Ling, and only guarded the entrance of the snow maze to stay. Zhang Ling entered the snow maze, and Tielang and Feifei had been frozen to death. Zhang Ling was forced to agree to the method of saving the two.