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The Taoism Grandmaster Season 1 Episode 12 : Zhang Ling and Tielang received the notice of their respective mirrors, and finally Dajingling decided the method of the first pass. The squadrons had to rush to different places through the “Horse Road” to kill the designated ghosts. Dead, this is definitely a single-on-one hard game without a trick. The first round of the “Devil’s Enemy” was launched. Forty-nine high-ranking squadrons were the first battles. Under the heads of forty-nine ghosts, almost all of them were in a difficult situation. The five lords observed with the moon mirror, and they were shocked to see that Kunlun was defeated by the fast sword of the spider demon. Hanshang and Juxiong were at a disadvantage, and even Changfeng encountered a strong opponent’s wildfire and was seriously injured. Da Jing Ling finally said that she had completed the task, that is, in the “devil robbery into a big battle”, do everything possible to kill the squad, who is the Mirror to kill the undead, is qualified to become a question By.